iBamboo Urban Speaker Dock Now Created In Recycled Plastic

Back in June last year we featured a new iBamboo speaker dock which was constructed from.. you guessed it Bamboo. Now Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree the manufactures and designers of the original iBamboo speaker dock have unveiled a new line of speaker docks called the Urban which are created from recycled plastic.
The new iBamboo Urban speaker dock has been created after custom feedback, and requests for a products that was a little more robust that the original iBamboo. Triangle Tree is currently in the process of sourcing manufactures to produce their new iBamboo Urban speaker dock, which will be available in both clear and solid colour versions for around $29.
iBamboo Urban
Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree explains:
“The original iBamboo was intended for people who wanted to accessorize their high tech iPhones with something more natural and eco-friendly,” says Omelchenko. “To expand to a greater market, I came up with the iBamboo Urban Speaker. Its meant for people with a more active lifestyle who don’t want to worry about damaging a bamboo product.
However, the product is still electricity free and relies on the resonance and amplification properties of the original design. The plastic used for the iBamboo Urban will be recycled, as an attempt to remove it from our environment. I firmly believe that even small steps such as these help influence society’s attitude towards what products they use. My goal above all is to help create a society more conscious of the need to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.”


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