Higher Smartphone Shipments Show Soaring Demand

We already know that smartphones have become very popular the past few years but it’s still worth knowing how much of an increase it is.  International Data Corp. recently reported that a huge jump of 55% in global smartphone shipping in the fourth quarter of last year were recorded compared to 2010.
The percentage translated to 158 million units shipped by manufacturers in the fourth quarter, compared to 102 million units recorded in the same period the previous year. The number was so high that it even exceeded IDC’s own estimate of a 40% increase.
Smartphones have not only become more versatile with the multitude of apps available on different platforms but also more affordable compared to past years as more manufacturers target the entry-level market.
Breaking down the numbers further, Apple edged out Samsung in total number of units sold for the quarter with a 24% share. Samsung was a close second with a 23% share. Nokia and Research in Motion lost some market share at 12% and 8.2%, respectively.


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