EVO 3D Runs Windows 95, 98, XP And Linux Thanks To APK

HTC EVO 3D owners who would like a little more versatility in the operation systems they can run on their EVO 3D device. Might be interested to learn that by running Bochs Pentium emulator APK and an OS disk image of your choice. You can now run a choice of either Windows 95, 98, XP or even Linux directly on your EVO 3D handset.
EVO 3D Running Windows
The method of supporting these operating systems has been devised by XDA Senior Member mnomaanw, and requires very little modification to work. Simply download the Bochs Pentium emulator and software required, make some minor changes to a few files inside the system and run the APK and your are ready to run.
If you are interested in setting up the new operating system support on your HTC EVO 3D full instructions are available to help you along your way from the XDA-developers forum.


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