Earth Blocks : Eco-Friendly Lego Alternative

Most people enjoy building structures, wonderful buildings and vehicles from Lego blocks. But if you feel that using plastic is a little unfriendly to the environment. A new building block system has been created called Earth Blocks.
Earth Blocks are constructed from a composite of cedar tree bark, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, coffee beans and just enough polypropylene to hold the bricks together, and from the sound of it must smell delicious.
Earth Blocks
Unfortunately due to the environmentally friendly way the Earth Blocks are created, it’s not possible to provide a range of colours. As the colours differ depending on the ingredients used within the batches during production.
Earth Blocks are available to purchase at a cost of around $30 per 50 blocks. Each piece measures 1 1/4 in long x 5/8 in wide x 5/8 in high. Each set contains 50 pieces, and are made in Japan.


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