Cyroscope Haptic Weathervane Provides You With The Feel of Tomorrows Weather (video)

There are plenty of devices on the market that will help you see what tomorrows weather will be, but not that many that allow you to feel what tomorrows weather will be like.Now a new concept is being developed called the Cryoscope that has been designed to enable you to feel tomorrows weather with your fingertips.
The new Cryoscope Haptic Weathervane has been created by Robb Godshaw, an industrial design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
Cyroscope Haptic Weathervane
The Cryoscope is equipped with a heat sink, a thermoelectric-cooling Peltier element, and a cooling fan, all combined and operated by an Arduino controller that receives forecast data from a Web-based app, all neatly enclosed in an aluminium cube ready to be touched.
Unfortunately the Cryoscope Haptic Weathervane is just a concept at the moment and there’s no indication from its developer that it will make the jump to production any time soon. But as always if any more news comes to light we will keep you updated.
Haptic Weathervane


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