Comfe Hands iPad 2 Grips Provide Extra Comfort And Support

Holding an iPad 2 for a long period of time can sometimes become a little uncomfortable, and due to its sleek lines and smooth back can prove to be a little slippery to hold for some users. If you find that holding your iPad 2 is a little tricky at times a new design called Comfe Hands might be able to help.
Comfe Hands has been created to add a more comfortable grip and has been engineered to provide you with a no-slip hold, and the two pads will fit on to any corner. Enabling you to hold your iPad either in portrait or landscape orientation.
Comfe Hands
Comfe Hands also doubles as an incline stand, or vertical stand and fits your hand’s natural contours providing a more secure and comfortable ergonomic hold. Comfe Hands explains:
“Comfe Hands has curves that turn the painful pinch grip into a power grip. And like human skin, Comfe Hands is soft to the touch. Guess you could say the iPad is now more well-endowed. Comfe Hands is inspired by nature and beautifully designed for iPad 2. Everyone—students, artists, gamers, business or medical professionals—everyone has hands that could use a little more love.”
The Comfe Hands iPad 2 grip is now available to purchase from Amazon for around $50


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