AVADirect Unveils New X79 Gaming Notebook

AVADirect has been offering up gaming notebooks for years and the latest has just launched. The new notebook uses the Intel X79 chipset and it is the Clevo P270WM. The new machine uses Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors and is designed as a desktop replacement. This is the successor to the Clevo X7200 notebook we talked about almost 2 years ago.
AVADirect P270WM
The new notebook has space for three hard drives with optional RAID capability. It also has dual USB 3.0 ports and can be set up for Nvidia SLI with dual video cards. The machine also has an HD resolution LED backlit screen and HDMI 1.4a support. The machine also has an express card slot for expansion.
The machine can be fitted with Nvidia GTX 580M discrete video cards in SLI mode. Freshly users can also opt for Quadro 5010M video card for CAD and CAM design. The base price for the new notebook starts at $3000 with the following default hardware: Intel core i7 3930K, GTX 580M 2GB, 4GB of DDR3 RAM at 1333Mhz, 750GB 7200RPM hard disk, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and will get much more expensive depending on options.


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