Apple TV Update Enables Movie And TV Genius

Apple has quietly rolled out a new update to its second generation Apple TV device this week which has brought with it Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows. The rolled out update is not part of the actual Apple TV firmware, but has been made on Apple’s servers. So no interaction by users is need to enable or view the new Genius recommendations.
Apple TV
The newly enabled Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows, uses your iTunes Store to help suggest new movies and shows. As iTunes already enables users to view related recommendations within the optional Genius Sidebar, the addition of the new Genius Apple TV feature, should not become to much of a shock to users. The new Genius menu options appears under both Movies and TV, opening listings of related content.
Apple recently announced that it has accumulated over 4.2 million ion sales of Apple TVs over the past five quarters. However Tim Cook continued to reveal that, “in the scheme of things, if you dollarise it, we still classify it as a hobby.”


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