Warner Bros. Makes it Harder on Netflix Users

The asshats at Warner Bros. are working hard to kill Netflix and take away the choice thatmovie fans have on where to get their flicks. Warner seems intent on forcing us to only be able to buy their new released on DVD or Blu-ray. The movie house already made the change to forcing Netflix to users to wait 56 days before getting a new release.
The company came back with an even bigger dick move this week. Warner Bros. has now come in and decreed that Netflix can’t even allow issuers to add Warner movies to their shipping queue until it has been in stores for 28 days.
Does Warner want us to forget about their movies? Why does it matter that we can add flick to the shipping queues right away, the movies still don’t go out until the 56 day window elapses. I say we all just stop watching Warner films, which is the only thing that will stop the increasingly militant behavior.


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