Vimeo Launches New Redesigned Website Built From Scratch

Today Vimeo has launched their newly redesigned website for all to see. The new look Vimeo has been under development for the past 12 months, and has now been officially announced on the Vimeo website.
The Vimeo redesign has been created to streamline the media experience provided by the site, and Vimeo says it’s created the new website from scratch, thinking long and hard about every aspect of it, with three big goals in mind.
Vimeo new website
The first was to put a greater focus on the videos, so now videos take centre stage on the website and the much larger than before. The entire user experience has now also been enhanced to minimise distractions to the user as you watch media on the site.
Secondly Vimeo wanted to increase the speed of their site and also make it more fun to use. This has been accomplished by simplifying, optimising and reorganising the site with new features to enable users to share, connect and learn. Lastly Vimeo wanted to provide its users with the features they had requested, and used the redesign as an opportunity to include them in the design.
Other new features in the new Vimeo website include ae redesigned inbox which is now your feed together with simpler uploading and more privacy control. As well as advanced search options and recently viewed and related videos. To check out the newly redesigned Vimeo website you can visit it by typing this URL into your browser or by simply clicking the link


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