Use Reveal.js to Create CSS 3D Slideshow


If you're making an online presentation to impress your audience, you have to consider to use reveal.js. reveal.js is a CSS 3D Slideshow, it allows you to create a slick and good looking HTML presentation and in the same time utilise the latest web technologies for cool 3D slide transition. Reveal.js is a standalone javascript plugin and doesn't rely on any external libraries.
One thing though, this javascript requires CSS 3D transforms support. That's mean, IE won't able to see all these fancy animation. It works really well in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Good news is, if CSS 3D support is not detected, it will degrade gracefully and back to the 2D transitions.
If you're a fan Chrome ExperimentsHakim shouldn't be a stranger to you because he has submitted numerous of impressive Chrome Experiments that will blow you away.

More Details

  • Website/Author   Demo   Download
  • RequirementModern Browsers
  • CompatibilityRequired CSS 3D Transform (Fallback to 2D if it's not supported)
  • LicenseMIT License


  • Navigation Control
  • Support keyboard navigation
  • Progress Bar indicator
  • Built-in Code Syntax Highlighting (highlight.js
  • Slides overview support
  • Multiple Level of Slides, nested slides
  • Unique URL for bookmarking and internal linking
  • Different themes and transitions (Cube, page, concave, box, linear)
  • Support Swipe on touch devices (Not stated in the website but it seems to be working)


reveal.js - overview
reveal.js - nested slide
reveal.js - css 3d transition
reveal.js - syntax highlighting


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