Tips to improve internet download speed

The reasons are many but there are a few things you can do to increase your download speed quickly. 1. Get a Spyware Remover One reason you may have a slower than expected internet connection stifling faster internet downloads is spyware. From browsing and downloading you can pick up nasty little buggers called spyware or malware which runs in the background of your machine feeding information back to their serversand slowing things down when browsing. 2. Change Your Firewall Settings Many people have firewalls that protect you from unwanted attacks by hackers and while they can be good things they can sometimes lock down your PC .Every firewall is different, some are software driven some are stored in your modem or router and you may not even know it is there but by lowering down the security levels you can increase the speed of your downloads without any significant increase in security risk. 3. Stop Background Programs Another issue that slows down download speeds and often the entire performance of your computer are programs that run in the background taking up computer power and sometimes are downloading or uploading data as well. Some are more visible than others, if you look at the bottom right of your screen you can see little icons showing some services which are not necessary. liked it??.. share it with all on


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