Suunto Ambit GPS Tracking And Heart Rate Monitor Watch Unveiled

Fitness and outdoor gadget manufacturer Sunnto has this week unveiled its new Suunto Ambit watch, which enables users to benefit from being able to track their heart rate, and track your routes via GPS directly from their wrist.
The Sunnto Ambit watch is equipped with a integrated accelerometer and barometric altimeter along with the GPS to track your performance using speed, climbing speed and distance. Using the hearty rate belt enables the watch to also track your heart rate and add further detail to your measurements.
Sunnto Ambit
The new outdoor watch is fitted with Suunto’s Peak Training Effect that aims to keep you within your optimal training rate, while the Recovery Time function lets you know when you’ve fully recovered from one workout and are ready for the next. When your workout is finished your data can then be uploaded to Suunto’s Web site for analysis, discussion and planning with friends and the community.
The Sunnto Ambit watch also built-in SiRF IV low power GPS chipset allows for a long battery life of up to 15 hours with continuous GPS tracking and 50 hours with GPS tracking every 1 minute, and is water resistant to 100m.
When the new Sunnto Ambit watch arrives in March 2012, it will be available in either black or silver and will come with the optional heart rate belt for $600, or without for $550.


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