Super Speed Slot Car Race Track (video)

If you enjoy a good slot car race you will already know that part of the skill is being able to race around the track as fast as possible without your car flying off at the corners. Something I still haven’t mastered to this day. But even trying to keep your eyes on your own car whilst racing this slot car track would prove a problem in itself.
Slot car enthusiasts from Finland have built their own super speed slot car racing track, which allows specially designed custom slot cars to travel at amazing speeds. Watch the video after the jump to see if you can keep up and follow a car doing a full circuit.
Super Speed Slot Car Racing
This fantastic slot car race track belongs to the Finnish Rail Car Enthusiasts Club and race took place in Herttoniemi, a suburb of Helsinki. The speed the slot cars travel around the racetrack is just awesome. For more information about the racetrack and the club jumped over to theirwebsite.


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