Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Pocket Watch

Alchemy Jewellery has created a very unique type of steampunk pocket watch, which is classed as solar powered but not in the way you would think. Rather than using traditional solar panels as you’d expect a solar powered watch to be equipped with.
Steampunk Pocket Watch
This unique timepiece is fitted with turbine blades that rotate when in direct sunlight. Winding the watch and providing it with power. If you’re in an unfortunate location that has very little or no sunshine, you can help the watch along a little by using the hand crank to add a little juice to the mechanism.
The unique turbine powered pocket watch is fitted with a quartz movement and magnetic fastening hatch, and uses English pewter and brass for its construction. So if you fancy using something a little more original to tell the time, the turbine Steampunk pocket watch is now available to purchase priced at $149.


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