Scosche CellControl blocks Mobiles While Driving

I wish I could sneak one of these new Scosche CellContorl devices into my wife’s car. She makes me nervous texting and talking while she drives every time I am in the car with her. I think this would also be great for parents trying to keep a teen safe behind the wheel too. The product is designed to block certain use of a mobile phone when driving.
The system has an app part and a hardware part. The hardware plugs into the cars OBD-II port and senses when the car is moving. When the car is moving it blocks thing on the mobile phone like emails, texting, voice calls, and more.
The clear downside is that I see no iPhone support. It will support Windows Phone, Android and a couple other minor operating systems. The CellControl device sells for $129.95 and is available now.


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