Doom Calculator Mod Now Available In Colour (video)

If you were impressed with the Skyrim calculator mod we featured yesterday here on Geeky Gadgets. You might also enjoy this new calculator modification that allows you to play the iD Doom game in glorious colour.
Unfortunately the Doom modification is still currently under development and at the moment doesn’t have any sound support available for the game. Check out the video of the Texas Instruments TI-nspire CX calculator equipped with OS 3.1 and Ndless 3 running the Doom game.
Calculator Doom Color
The games control scheme has been tweaked a little, and a custom Doom menu has been created for the port. So its not the same no screen menu that you would normally see on the DOS version of the game. The Doom game port has been packaged with the Ndless program that unlocks the hardware so that you can perform your own hacks, when required. Enjoy!


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