Powertrekk Portable Charger May Hit Stores Soon

It’s been very nearly a year since we first talked about the Powertrekk portable charger that can charge up your gear while you are on the go. The thing reminds me more than a little of a phone that a telephone service person might use when they are all the way up the phone pole.
We still don’t have an official launch date for the device, but they have priced the charger so it has to be close to launch. Right? The Powertrekk is a water-powered charger and the charger will cost you $230. You will need refill fuel pucks too.
Those pucks come in a three pack and will cost you a mere $12 per pack. The charger converts hydrogen into electricity using some fancy tech inside the charger body. The device can produce 1500mAh of current so charging anything more impressive than a smartphone might not work out for you.


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