PlayStation Vita Pre-Order Package Gets More Extras

Still thinking twice whether to put that order on Sony’s 3G/WiFi PlayStation Vita? The company decided to add more to the pre-order package worth $350.
To lure more buyers, Sony is adding a 4GB memory card, a copy of Little Deviants and 250MB data from AT&T. There’s also a free PlayStation Network game after you activate the Vita’s 3G service.
The sweetened deal isn’t exclusive to those pre-ordering as a similar package is also available to those who will buy it on launch day. If you pick one up on launch day, you get the PSN game, same free data and an 8GB memory card at a price of $300, making it all the more attractive for prospective buyers.
The pre-order is currently available on Amazon and it’s still unclear if other vendors will get the same add-ons.


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