Pear Square One Monitors, Motivates You On Your Workout

If you’re looking to bring your training regimen to a new level, then you might want to check out Pear Square One, a nifty add-on to your iPod shuffle.
So what’s so special about it? For starters, if you buy the Pear Square One, you also get a heart rate monitor, foot pod for those times you want to calculate your distance, and water-resistant earphones.  The Square One attaches to your Shuffle and along with the said add-ons that came with the box, is meant to give you a full pledged workout assistant.
Monitoring your heart rate, calories burned and the distance you have ran may not be unique as many gadgets can already do that, but Square One takes it up another notch with training advice and motivation techniques to help you reach your workout goal.
After every workout, you can sync the Square One to your computer to track your stats. Square One costs $249 and if you don’t have an iPod Shuffle yet, that will add to your costs as it only works on them.


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