Opera for slow connections.!!

One of the best features of Opera is the “built-in Turbo mode” that lets you browse the web faster even on slow connections. The feature can also help you save money when you are on a metered Internet connection, like that hotel room, where you have to pay per byte or using a bluetooth connection… . When you request a web page – idevelogy.com – your browser will connect directly to the idevelogy.com servers to download all the images, text, and all other associated files. But if i talk about the case take , in the case of Opera Turbo, the same request is routed to Opera servers – the web page is downloaded on Opera servers first, it is then compressed and served to you.. which means that it will take less time and lesser minimal download to view a page. The content and layout of the page doesn’t change after compression though the quality of images is often reduced. But since your browser now has to download lesser number of bytes for the same web page, it will load a lot faster on your computer.. liked it??.. share it with all on


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