Nokia Announces 1 Million Lumia Windows Phone Device Sold

Nokia has released its latest results, and confirming the rumor that we heard earlier in the week Nokia has sold over 1 million of their Nokia Lumia Windows Phone smartphones, which include the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710.
The company is also expecting strong sales of their new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone, which will go on sale in the US with mobile carrier AT&T in March.
Nokia Lumia 800
We have also started our important re-entry into the North American market. Earlier this month, T-Mobile started selling the Nokia Lumia 710 as a lead device. We also announced the new Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T, and immediately received a number of industry awards. The Nokia Lumia 900 is our third Lumia device, our first LTE device designed specifically for the North American market, and AT&T is positioning the Lumia 900 as a lead LTE device.
In the war of ecosystems, clearly there are some strong contenders already on the field. And with Lumia, we have demonstrated that we belong on the field.  Our specific intent has been to establish a beachhead in this war of ecosystems, and country by country that is what we are now accomplishing. To date we have sold well over 1 million Lumia devices. From this beachhead of more than 1 million Lumia devices, you will see us push forward with the sales, marketing and successive product introductions necessary to be successful.  We also plan to bring the Lumia series to additional markets including China and Latin America in the first half of 2012.
Nokia obviously still has a lot of work to do with their new Windows Phone devices, but they seem to be more popular than some of their previous smartphone efforts before the decided to use Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.


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