A New Low: iPad With Integrated Fleshlight Holder

Because men are constantly on the lookout for something that, if found by another human being, will forever brand them the saddest kind of pervert, somebody designed an iPad case with an integratedFleshlight holder. For you innocent readers out there, a Fleshlight is a fake vagina. For you not so innocent readers, it's the thing you bought in multiple colors and textures. So yeah, you watch p0rn and pretend you're with the girl in the video or picture or whatever. Now my imagination is pretty good, but there is NO WAY my brain would ever let me pretend I was doing anything but having shameful, depressing sex with a $600 tablet and fake vagina. "I keep it real." My brain, ladies and gentlemen. Also, remind me to never borrow my friend Dave's iPad again. He told me it was a cupholder!
I’m sure Steve Jobs is rolling around in his grave now that this concept for a very tasteful iPad attachment is floating around on the Interwebs. Proving that you should never underestimate human ingenuity, this clip on piece of plastic holds a Fleshlight. Presumably, you’d have a companion application that would run on the screen and just like that you’d be copulating with… well, people, you’re hopefully old enough to figure out how this would work. Right?
Isn’t the picture above enough?
Anyway, it’s just a concept so there’s no actual such product. Yet.
I’m sad for mankind.


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