Microsoft Paid Nokia $250 Million For Windows Phone In Q4 2011

Microsoft and Nokia announced their partnership to produce Windows Phone smartphones last year, and at the time we were told that Microsoft would pay Nokia a considerable amount of money to use Windows Phone.
We have always wondered just how much Microsoft were paying Nokia for Windows Phone, and now we get some actual figures, Microsoft paid Nokia a total of $250 million for Windows Phone in quarter four of 2011.
Nokia Microsoft
Quarter four was the first time that Nokia released its new Windows Phone devices, as the first one launched in October, so the payment probably relates to quarter four only of 2011.
this would mean that Microsoft will be paying Nokia around $250 million per quarter in 2012, which would mean that the Microsoft and Nokia deal is worth around $1 billion to Nokia each year.
Considering that other manufacturers are paying Microsoft to license Windows Phone, the $1 billion dollar a year deal with Microsoft seem like a good deal for Nokia.


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