MasterCard To Test New Mobile Payment System

MasterCard’s QkR mobile payment system, which will start its trial run in Australia, will make it easier to purchase for potential buyers, so if you’re the impulsive kind, you may want to proceed with caution.
The trial run will be launched at La Premiere cinemas where customers will be able to pay for their food right from their seat using a specific app for their iPhone or Android phones.
Ever been in a situation where the movie is about to start and you’re stuck waiting in line for your popcorn and drinks?  That could be avoided with this new payment system.
The joint venture between MasterCard and the Hoyts chain of movie theatres and Commonwealth Bank involves just scanning the QR code and then ordering directly.
You may also type the NFC tag on the armrest of cinema seats and your food and beverages will be taken to you directly, no more waiting in line.


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