Low Tech Solution Enables You To Record Both Sides Of A Story Simultaneously (video)

A low tech wooden device has been created to provide a simple solution to recording the full story from your smartphone. Using a pieces of wood and a mirror the device enables you to position your smartphone to record both sides of a story at the same time.
The low tech device has been called the Love Box and has originated from Paris France. Where the designers needed to easily record both sides of a conversation. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
Love Box
By sliding your smartphone and mirror in to the perfect position, you are able to see both faces in a conversation, and it provides a low tech creative way to mix up your movie making.
If you think your movie making could benefit from the perspective provided by the Love Box, its now available to purchase over on the Etsy website for $90. Or you could save a little money and make your own version. Its designers explain:
“THE LOVE BOX Video Mixer” is a unique device conceived to record two sided videos in one single iPhone’s shot. It consists of a wooden base and a mirroring system that, when mounted with your mobile phone, simultaneously record “front” and “back” views in one single, split screen image. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.”


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