Longest Running Experiment Currently On 85th Year

The world's longest running experiment was started by Thomas Parnell of the University of Queensland in 1927 to prove that tar pitch, a seemingly brittle coal derivative that can be shattered with a hammer at room temperature, is, in fact, a viscous fluid. FUN BONUS FACT: tar pitch is so darkit's the origin of the term "pitch-black"! Thomas melted the coal pitch, let it cool for three years, then placed it in a funnel. The first drop dripped eight years later, followed by another nine after that. Bored-out-of-their-f***ing-minds scientists are currently waiting for drip nine to drop like a stubborn turd. The world's shortest experiment? My peener. "That's not really an experiment." No? Maybe THIS will change your mind. "Stuffing it in a test tube?" Science, ladies and gentlemen!


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