iKlik Multi Angle iPhone Stand (video)

iKliK is a new multi-angle stand that has been designed by Brian Weinberg, its has been created to provide a steady stand for watching media on your iPhone. The iKliK is currently looking to make the jump from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website and is counting down with just 66 hours left on the clock, and 95% funded.
The simple design provides an easy way to angle your iPhone to the perfect position for viewing without having to worry about it dropping on the floor, whilst travelling in a vehicle or plane that might experience a little turbulence. Watch the video after the jump to see the designer explain the concept of the iKliK in full.
Designer Brian Weinberg explains:
“The iKliK started out as a simple idea for a stand to hold my iPhone while driving, but morphed into a full-blown product development project with two general design goals. Maximize functionality and usability, minimize form factor and material usage. It took six months to bring this idea to reality, and the result is a stand that I use so much that I don’t even bother to use my case anymore. We believe that you will find the iKliK just as useful.”
So if you think you could benefit from using the multi-angles iKliK stand don’t delay and jump over to the Kickstarter website to place your pledge, starting from just $7, to receive an iKliK.


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