HP VantagePoint 132 Inch Multitouch Display Unveiled

HP has this week unveiled their new VantagePoint display which measures a massive 132 inches across its diagonal, and is capable of supporting up to 32 touch points simultaneously. The new ultrahigh resolution interactive wall has been designed by HP to provide an immersive interactive experience, allowing users to use videos together with local and online applications in addition to live web feeds.
The VantagePoint system has been created by combining 6 x HP LD4730G 47 inch Ultra-Micro Bezel displays and measures 11 feet wide by 7 feet high. The VantagePoint is connected to a high performance HP Z800 Workstation enabling it to handle even the heaviest audio and video loads and full on-screen interaction.
HP VantagePoint
Together with a smaller HP Pavilion Slimline controls display colour and contrast, the whole system runs Windows 7, together with applications written in JavaScript, C++, C# and Microsoft Presentation Framework.
HP VantagePoint
HP hopes their new VantagePoint display will allow businesses to engage customers via specialised applications and improve back office operations using touch interaction. HP is currently marketing their new multitouch VantagePoint system commercially at the moment for around hundred and $125,000. Unfortunately there is currently no indication when the technology will be made available. However you can sign up for more information on the HP website.


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