Google’s Android Market Hits 11 Billion Downloads

Google has releases its fourth quarter earnings results for 2011, and along with the release comes some new on Google’s Android OS, most notable is that Google’s Android Market has now reached a massive 11 billion downloads.
The 11 billion downloads covers everything available from the Android Market, which includes applications, music, games and movies, and they also confirmed that there are now more than 250 million Android devices out there.
Google Android
Google also confirmed what we heard back in December, the company is activating a total of 700,000 Android smartphones and tablets every day.
The 700,000 activations per day means that if Google continues at this rate they will activate over 255 million Android devices in 2012, and that there would be more than 500 million Android devices activated by the end of 2012.
These are pretty impressive figures, and Android seems to be growing at a huge pace, it will be interesting to see the actual figures by the end of 2012.


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