Google Translate now available for iPad

Translate for iPad is here, while Google has also updated its must-have travel tool for Android phones and tablets by adding handwriting support
Google has updated its wondrous Google Translate for iOS app in order to incorporate support for the iPad.
The app, which allows you to speak into the device in one language and have it repeat the sentence or words back to you in a tongue of your choosing, has long been one of the best travel companions on the App Store.
iPad support brings the same interface as the iPod touch and iPhone versions only optimised for the iPad's 9.7-inch screen.
The app allows the translation of text in 63 languages, while offering 24 languages that can speak your translations aloud.
The Google Translate app lets you show translations full-screen to make it easier for your recipient to read and also lets you star your favourite translations for re-use.
Meanwhile, Google has updated the Android version of the app to bring handwriting support, which means you can now write characters using the device's touchscreen thanks to a new pen icon.
One of the world's best travel apps, just got better.


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