Google Brings 27,000 Chromebooks To Schools In The US

Google has announced that the company is bringing more than 27,0000 of its Chromebook notebooks to schools in the US, the news was announced at the Florida EducationalTechnology Conference.
According to Google, hundreds of schools in 41 states across the US are using one or more of Google’s Chromebooks in the classroom, and they have also said that three school districts will have one available for each pupil, with a total of 27,000 going to Illinois, Iowa and South Carolina.
Google Brings 27,000 Chromebooks To Schools In The US
“From my perspective, Chromebooks couldn’t get any simpler; setting up this many laptops would have typically taken our team at least 3 months. And from the instructional side, we are teaching content not technology, and Chromebooks simply support teachers in what they do best while giving students the resources they need to be productive citizens. As just one example the quality of work that students turn in has improved literally overnight – from incomplete sentences to full paragraphs, in some cases – because they are much more engaged and participating readily in class.”
Google is obviously hoping that its Chromebook will become popular in the classroom, you can find out more information over at the Google Blog.


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