First Razer Blade Gaming Laptops Sell Out In Just 30 Minutes (video)

The very first Razer Blade gaming laptops were launched late last week and sold out in just 30 minutes. Razer announced that their new high powered Razer Blade laptop would be going on sale on January 27th at 9PM. But just 30 minutes later all available stock had been purchased. But don’t worry if you missed out on the first Razer Blade laptops priced at $2,800 each a new batch will be arriving in 2 weeks time.
Razer Blade Gaming Laptop
Min-Liang Tan Razer’s CEO explained via Facebook:
“OMFG. Less than 30 minutes and we sold out of EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of our first batch of Razer Blades,” Tan posted on his Facebook Wall. “Our next batch will be in about 2 weeks and we’re making as many as we can. Hang in there. This is *CENSORED* amazing.”
To recap the Razer Blade is equipped with a 17-inch Full HD LED backlit display, Core i7 2640M processor, 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory, 256GB SATA 6Gbps solid state drive,Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics chip, and of course its highly touted ‘Switchblade User Interface’ with 10 dynamic adaptive tactile keys and a dual-mode LCD pad. Watch the video below for an introducetion


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