Doctor Who Tardis Safe, Secured Using A Smartphone (video)

Doctor Who fans who need to keep their cash safe, are sure to like this Tardis safe which is secured using a smartphone, and has been showcased at this years London Toy Fair.
Simply store your valuables in inside and lock the door to secure. Then when you would like to access them, insert your smartphone in to the top and use the specially created appellation to enter your four digit loving code. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
Tardids Smart Safe
Once the correct code has been entered via your smartphone the Tardis door opens and sound effects compliment the entry. The Smartphone tardis uses a very unique way to connect to your smartphone, rather than using a traditional dock, WiFi or Bluetooth as you might think.
The connection is made using a tiny sensor, so when you key in a passcode on your mobile, an area at the bottom of the phone’s screen flashes a pattern of lights. The sensor detects those flashes and can tell by reading them whether you’ve got the right code. The Tardis Smart Safe won’t be available until May, but you can pre-order it for $59.99 here.


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