Dating Game On 3DS To Get More Real

The Nintendo 3DS offers augmented-reality capabilities, which is why a game called “Love Plus” is on the list of many people looking to give the 3DS’ new hardware for a spin.
Love Plus was a hit on the regular DS version as it took the experience of dating (game-wise that is) to a whole new level. The upcoming version, using the 3DS’ augmented realitycapability, will only make Love Plus an even more fun game.
Imagine you have a date scheduled at 8pm, you have to turn on your device at exactly that time to get on with your date. There’s no fast-forward scenes here, you sort of get a “date experience” in the sense that you will be with the girl you set up the date with at the exact time you set. If you miss it, then it’s like not showing up for your date, so prepare to suffer the consequences.
Of course there may be ways to get around this, like manipulating the time on your 3DS,  but where’s the fun in that right?


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