Conurus Launches Sony NEX Smart Adapter For Canon EOS Lenses (video)

Sony NEX owners who have been longing to be able to use Canon EOS lenses on their Sony’s NEX-VG10, NEX-5, and NEX-3 cameras. Will be pleased to know that today Conurus have launched their new Smart Adapter which now makes it possible for Sony NEX owners to benefit from the Canon EOS lenses.
The new smart adapter integrates a Canon EF mount lens to a Sony NEX camera body. Enabling the electronic aperture to be directly controlled by the camera body and keeping all exposure modes available.
Conurus Smart Adapter
Image stabilisation, if the Canon EF lens supports it, and EXIF are also supported by the new Conurus Smart Adapter, but unfortunately autofocus isn’t. The new Smart Adapter for Sony NEX camera is marketed under the Metabones brand name, and can be ordered directly from the Conurus website or from Metabones distributors in Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong or China for $399.
Conurus Smart Adapter


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