Boxee Live TV And 1.5 Update Now Available (video)

Today Boxee has rolled out its highly anticipated new Boxee Live TV Dongle which it confirmed was arriving back in November. The new Boxee dongle has been design to a USB and adds a “Live TV” option to the Boxee user interface.
Once installed users can then browse through free-to-air channels, complete with program guides. But unfortunately cannot pause or record any live TV content as yet. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see the new Boxee Live TV feature in action.
The new Boxee Live TV dongle does however provide additional social networking integration within the Boxee the channel guide. Enabling users to be able to see what friends are watching, and integrates into the new Facebook Timeline app for Boxee allowing you to share the TV you have watched on your Facebook wall if desired.
Boxee Live TV has rolled out with a new version 1.5 of the Boxee Box operating system. Which brings with it a new user interface and advanced search, together with enhanced filtering in the streamlined library.
As well as integration with Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and control over social account integration. The new Boxee 1.5 update is being rolled out automatically to Boxee users over the next 72 hours, although you can force a manual update if you can’t wait that long.


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