BeagleBone Installed With XBMC Eden Beta 2

Remember the BeagleBoard? Well, their makers have come up with yet another compact but powerful  single board computer called the BeagleBone. The tiny device is anything but small when it comes to features as it is loaded with a 4GB microSD card with Angstrom Linux. The package also includes a MicroSD to SD adapter and a Mini-B USB cable, aside of course from the assembled BeagleBone.
To showcase the processing power of BeagleBone, makers of the device put an XMBC Eden beta 2 on it and it ran pretty well. Imagine the popular multimedia interface of XBMC running fine on your screen and it’s coming from that small box armed with the BeagleBone. There are HDMI, VGA and LCD expansion boards that make this all possible.
The BeagleBone is not just for media consumption, it also has PWM capabilities and together with the device’s on-chip Ethernet and 3D rendering and manipulation, it’s helpful if you’re into creating 3D printers.


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