AT&T Increases Smartphone And Tablet Data Plan Prices

US mobile carrier AT&T has announced that it will be increasing its pricing on its data plans for both smartphones and tablets from this Sunday the 22nd of January.
The new higher prices will give smartphone and tablet customers more data, and new customers to AT&T will have to choose from one of the new data plans when they buy a new smartphone or tablet.
iPhone 4S
Exiting customers will be able to remain on their current plans, we presume this will only be until the renew their contract, at this point they will probably have to go on the new higher priced data plans.
The new plans for smartphones start out at $20 a month, this gets you 300MB per month, the next plans is $30 per month and this will get you 3GB of data, and the last one will cost you $50 per month, for this you will get 5GB of data.
For tablets there three different options, the existing $15 a month for 250MB of data remains the same, the two new ones include $30 a month for 3GB of data and $50 a month for 5GB of data.


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