Apple’s iPhone 4S Helps Apple Close The Gap On Android

Research firm Nielsen has released their latest smartphone report, and according to the report, Apple’s new iPhone 4S has helped Apple close the gap on Android in the last quarter of 2011.
The report says that the launch of the iPhone 4S had an enormous impact on smartphone purchases, with 44.5 percent of people surveyed purchasing an iPhone, this compares to 25.1 percent in October before the iPhone 4S was released.
iPhone 4S
The survey also point out that 57 percent of people who purchased a new iPhone in December, purchased the new iPhone 4S, but Android is still ahead overall with 46.3 percent of smartphone owners said that they owned an Android smartphone, this is for the same period of quarter four 2011.
This compares to a share of 30 percent for iPhone owners, 14.9 percent for BlackBerry owners, 4.6 percent for Windows mobile owners and the rest for Symbian and webOS devices.
They also released details of the operating system share, which you can see in the figure below, Android was sitting at around 61.6 percent in October, this dropped down to 46.9 percent by December.
Mobile OS Share
Apple and their iOS was at 25.1 percent in October 2011, this rose to 44.5 percent by7 December 2011, just slightly lower than Google’s Android OS’s overall share.


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