Apple’s iCloud Hits 85 Million Users

Earlier today we got some information on how many iPhone’s Apple sold in its most recent quarter, the quarter where Apple launched the new iPhone 4S, and at the same time they also launched iCloud.
iCloud is Apple’s new online cloud service, which has replaced their previous offeringMobileMe, and it gives you access to email, the ability to backup and sync your data on your iOS devices online.
Apple iCloud
The service launched in October of last year, and we now get to find out how many people are using Apple’s iCloud service, there are now more than 85 million users of iCloud.
Those figures are impressive, considering that iCloud only launched just over three months ago, and the service is obviously considerably more popular than the previous MobileMe, although iCloud is now free whilst MobileMe required an annual subscription.
It will be interesting to see how Apple develops their iCloud service over the next year, it could definitely do with some improvements and we suspect Apple has big things planned for iCloud in 2012.


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