Apple Files Lawsuit Against Samsung In Germany Related To 10 Smartphones

Apple and Samsung are engaged in a number of different patent lawsuits around the world, the most recent one being the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.
Last year Apple managed to get sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany, Samsung changed the design of the device and it recently went on sale in Germany.
Samsung Galaxy S II
The German courts said that Apple were unlikely to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N banned in Germany as Samsung had apparently done enough to keep the courts happy with their new design.
Apple is now looking to have a number of Samsung devices banned in Germany, according to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple has filed a new lawsuit in the Dusseldorf Regional Court in Germany.
The lawsuit has been filed based on Apple design rights in Europe and it claims that a total of 10 different Samsung smartphone models infringe on Apple’s design.
We presume that would be all of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, which will include the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as nine other devices.
As well as filing the lawsuit relating to the 10 different Samsung smartphones, Apple has also filed another lawsuit relating to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range of tablets, with a total of five different models listed in the filing including the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N.


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