Amazon Sells 6 Million Kindle Fires in Q4 Alone According to Analysts

I think we all expected the Amazon Kindle Fire to be a successful little tablet. The tablet runs Android, has access to lots of apps, and has a massive digital bookstore. The frosting on the cake was that the Kindle Fire sells for under $200 making it a raging bargain compared to the iPad.
Kindle fire
Analysts are estimating now that Amazon moved 6 million of the Fire eReaders in the fourth quarter 2011 alone. That is no surprise considering how popular the tablet was over the holiday shopping season. Amazon takes a slight loss on each Kindle Fire that it sells, but it makes up for that with digital content sales on the backend.
Early on, the Fire had mixed reviews with people complaining about some usability of the tablet. However, Amazon released a software update bringing the Fire to 6.2.2 and addressing most of those complaints. I expect fire continue to sell well and we will see more competitors priced similarly come to the market.


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