999 Players Enjoy Massive Man vs Machine FPS Battle (video)

Over the weekend 999 gamers joined forces to play in the Swedish network technology company Pikkotekk’s world record attempt. Which was created to recruit a 1000 players to battle it out against each other in their custom built Man vs Machine first person shooter game.
Unfortunately Pikkotekk didn’t quite make the 1000 they hoped for but after the success of the weekends gaming, PikkoServer, say “Our goal now is to make this technology available to developers worldwide”. So expect to see the technology used to build new games over the coming years. Watch a video after the jump showing the chaos that was unleashed by 999 gamers as they clashed.
999 Player FPS
Pikkotekk explains the technology that was used to create the 1000 player FPS game:
“The Pikko architecture consists of Pikko Server and several cell servers working together. Players in an online multiplayer game connect to Pikko Server, which handles load balancing between the cell servers. The cell servers handle physics, game logic and more.
Each cell server handles only the activity in a small part of the virtual world. The cell servers can be seen as cells in a virtual mobile phone network. When a person with a mobile phone moves in the real world, the phone will switch to the closest base station without the mobile phone user noticing it. In the same way, a player moving around in a virtual game world will switch completely seamlessly between the different cell servers”.


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