4th Dimension, 4D: Smell [Smellit] $D

3D had been the buzzword thrilling us for nearly over an year now. How about adding the 4th dimension to our existing three.
Meet the 4th D, the sense of smell. SmellIt is a miniature gadget meant to connect to your PC and bring a “fourth dimension” to video and gaming.
French company Olf-action will be demoed at Lisbon Design Show, from 11 to 16 October 2011. This would form  the fourth dimension on movie and game entertainment, the smell dimension. Pure smell, pure movie and game experience.
SMELLIT can make you drool, like when you see that Chef taking a hot and crispy pizza from the oven. Or make you turn your head and wish you can take that “putrefaction” cartridge out of the smell board.
How SmellIt 4D works
SMELLIT works just like your printer, but instead of ink cartridges, it works with smell cartridges. As your DVD player reads the video and sound information from your favourite DVD disc, SMELLIT processes the same DVD, but the ”smell CARD” decodes all the smell information from 10 to 20 seconds ahead of the actual scene so the odours have time to reach the spectators. After decoding the smell information, the cartridge vaporizes a very small amount off concentrated “smell gel”, and the central fan distributes equally the smell in all directions. It can be loaded with 118 cartridges, each one with a different concentrated “smell gel”. All the cartridges can be easily changed and last 3 times more than a regular ink cartridge.

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