12+ tips to show your inner or older blog post to your reader

Do you ever think, Why your old blog entries and your older article, post is most non viewed elements? Many of you start blogging with annoy identification. It doesn't matter but, this may hurt you after you have large number of blog post. So, you understand? You have to start blogging with entire known identification. Then you and your blog must be popular. This is the solution for the beginners. But, people who already done their work to their blog, What should they do? You have a good content in your blog. And that content are not able to show to your reader, because that is inside and inside in your blog. So, here is some tips to show your good quality article inside your blog. Placement of navigation bar on top: You should place some navigation menu bar to the top of your blog header with some link. Just don't forget not only link, it should be attractive to impress you loyal reader. And navigate to your blog post or different labels. Random posts: Try to put a random post widget to your blog. This helps to your reader to see the random post whether, they are older or newer. Removal of useless widget: If you have some useless widget to your blog, then try to remove it. Because your blog will be heavy and your loyal reader can't access your blog perfectly. If your reader click any other internal link of your blog post, then most of the visitor doesn't patience and get out from your blog or directly close your blog window. Page navigation: You show place page number navigation widget to show exact number of your blog pages. Either, they can directly jump to your farthest blog post. And your older blog post will be reviewed. But, you have to ensure that your widget must be well designed and impressive. Link to your older post: Time-to-time, you should link to your older blog post by the topic of current features. If you get some topic and you remember your older posts, the of course you can link to it to your post in your new article. Search bar: Search form is equal important. Your reader can search whatever they want from your blog. They can found their topic and you also happy they also happy :) Related post: You have to place related post widget to each blog post. And your older blog post can be viewed by your loyal reader. Try to place link not picture with thumbnail. Contest management: It is very awesome way to redefine your old and new articles. For example, I just launched Top Commentator Contest and also I announced winner. See these links to see the contest result. You can get comment and get views of your older post. Reader try to comment more. In the path of commenting lots of visitors go to comment in your inner post. Resolve the temporary issues: If your have commented in your inner post of your blog requesting to solve the problem of your blog or their issue then, don't be lazy. Immediately try to place your work in rest position and let's hear your reader's voice. Commenting to others blog: If you find related article in others blog, the you can link to your blog with encouraging words like, We have same article! Add rest of the widget: You can put rest of the linked widget to your blog like populat post, recent comments, most discussed, etc. Keyword popularity: In the search engines, all the website article are searched in the basis of quality keyword. Any one can reach to your any post from the search engines. So, it is important to have quality keyword. The above are my guess. You can added your own think and voice in this post. Just share your mind via comment. Feel free to take some action about this topic.


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